filtering and reducing spam

Spam help reduce it!fighting spam. samuel little graphic design is taking every effort to reduce spam specifically from web sites we have designed and ones that are in development. we are using several different code methods to help our customers reduce spam. however reducing spam from your web site is half the battle. we don’t have control over what our clients do on their own time with their computers. here’s a few scenerios:
-reduce spam from your web site by introducing code
-create a dummy email address for signing up for 1 time services
-create rules for spam in your email account or software
-in your email account or software, when it’s clearly spam, mark it as spam. your computer will learn what is spam and what is not
-read up on articles about third party software or services that help reduce spam (

there are services that you can use to reduce spam but now-a-days free software or even updates to the software you already have can do the same thing that services like spamarrest can do by creating black lists and white lists. everyone is fighting spam.

you may think that you’ve gotten so much spam mail that there is no recovery. well, we like to take the upper hand by making changes to eventually reducing spam all together…you have to start somewhere. start now.

if you want to know more about how to reduce spam contact samuel little graphic design for consultation.

here is an interesting article from on how mac users filter spam. there are similar ways for pc users to filter spam as well, it’s along the same theory as to how mac filters spam. see the video on filtering spam for mac users.

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